Supplier authorization

Update time: 2014-09-09

How to Authorize:


Enterprise Authorization:

1. Upload the enterprise business license that justifies the enterprise is legal and authentic

2. Verify the credibility of the applicant and whether is applying on behalf of this enterprise

Sole Proprietor Authorization:

Upload sole proprietor license that justifies the company is legal and authentic.

Personal Authorization:

Provide identification card in order to justify the legitimacy and credibility of the applicant.

In accordance with The Interim Measures of the Network Commodities Trading and Related Services Management promulgated by China’s SAIC (Administration of Industry and Commerce), all authorized members of must pass the identity verification process. Please submit proper documents with respect to the type of authorization:

1. Enterprise: enterprise business license.

2. Sole Proprietor: sole proprietor license.

3. Person: personal identify card.

After passing the authorization, the ‘Unauthorized’ note under your account will be changed to ‘Authorized’.