About ROCaircraft.com

Update time: 2014-09-11

 About ROCaircraft.com

WWW.ROCaircraft.com is a leading aviation Online Market Platform operated by ROC Aviation and its global partners. It is an E-Commerce platform linking worldwide aviation industry providers with customers in China and all over the world. The scope of this platform includes all aviation products, resources, forum as well as services. We are proud to be the pioneers of this kind of platform as the similar ones that exist cannot match our services be it in quality, design or service delivery.

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●Who We Are:

ROC Aviation is specialized in the aviation business. It has a strong global business relationship with equipment manufacturers and capital markets. We have a deep understanding of the aviation market and the ability to successfully develop an aviation engineering service. 

What We Do:

The main objective of the online aviation market is to provide a very conducive market for aviation service providers from different aspects of the aviation industry to showcase their products, resources and services to customers and clients via a virtual marketplace. Also, we want to bring the industry providers closer to their customers by providing an enabling platform for the customers to navigate in their own mother language as such bridging the gap caused by misunderstandings in communication. Finally we aim to provide the companies with a wide range of clients and the clients with a wide range of companies which will in turn helps them in getting the best deal possible in their business dealings. 

What We Want:

Our mission is to set the pace in this ever growing industry by taking the lead in this sector by providing a platform that enables companies and clients thousands of miles apart to conduct their daily businesses easily and smoothly in the best way possible using the medium of E-Commerce and Online Marketing. Our philosophy is to link providers and customers quickly and easily. We provide our customers access to reliable first–hand information. Such provided by the industry providers, many of whom are brokers and dealers. We provide a comprehensive listing of aviation products & services from aircraft operation, aircraft manufacturers, finance, avionics, components, maintenance, consultancy, etc.